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Frogspot Songs

Here are some songs that you will like. They help us remember Jesus!

Do you have a favorite song? Why don't you email me and tell me about it.

The Froggy Song:

By Uncle Steve Severance ©2001.

This is a fun little song that reminds us of one of the most important things to remember--Fully Rely On God. (This site was named after this song!)
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A Christmas Present--

By Uncle Steve Severance ©2004.

Who's birthday is Christmas? That's right, even though December 25 isn't really Jesus birthday it's the day we celebrate it. This song tells us how we can give Jesus a birthday present on Christmas!
Listen to it Key of C (by T. J.)    |    Key of C    |    Key of G    |    
View words and chords Key of C    |    Key of G    |    

The Dragon and the Lamb:

By Don Pate.

This fun song uses the symbols of Revelation to remind kids that even though the dragon looks strong and powerful, he is no match for Jesus, the Lamb.
Watch Online    |     View Words     |     Guitar Chords

Don't Copy (Romans 12:2 NLT):

By Scott Severance ©2002.

Here's a catchy toon that will help you learn an important Bible verse. The words are strait out of the New Living Translation.
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A Temple Made of Time--

Sung by Chelsea & Emily Bond on 3ABN.

Jesus gave us a very special day to spen with Him. It's called the Sabbath! Here's a neat little song about the Sabbath.
Click here to watch it     |     View the words    |     View the guitar chords