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FrogSpot Story CDs

I grew up listening to storytellers like Eric B. Hare and Uncle Arthur on old phonograph records. These stories were great entertainment and also had a great impact on my life. Now with a new generation of kids comes new stories.

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A pastor stopped me at the last Mid-America Union Minister's meetings to tell me that his son listens to one of my stories every night when he goes to bed.
A mom wrote, "Seth and Adeline really enjoyed the CD you sent at Christmas!! Seth listened to it 3 times in one sitting."
A father told me that his kids had actually worn the CD out to the point that it wasn't playing right anymore (I gave him a new one).
We loaned a CD to a family for "kid testing" and the father reported that he had to sneak the CD out of the house to return it because his kids wouldn't let it go.

The Sharing Bandit

And Other Animal Stories.

Uncle Steve’s true real life animal stories turn spiritual lessons into real fun for real kids.

1. Jackie’s Unusual Family
2. Harry The Naughty Fish
3. How Jackie Got Skunked
4. Send Me Your Stories
5. The Sharing Bandit
6. How To Meow
7. The Selfish J-Bird
8. Why Zia Can Jump

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Secret Cargo

And Other Mission Stories

Uncle Steve takes you on mission adventures through stories that show the excitement of serving God!

This CD is jam-packed full of mission stories for kids and about kids. Learn life lessons and find good heros while Uncle Steve tells you about heroic Missionaries.

1 The Little Thief
2. Heidi's Gift
3. I Won’t Go
4. Missionary Jamie
5. Send Stories
6. Fed By A Cat
7. Sonny's New Jacket
8. Lena’s Secret
9. Secret Cargo

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Frogspot Story Books

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The book "Margie Asks Why" is a very important story for every kid to hear. It explains some of life's most important questions in this interesting story.--Uncle Steve

Margie Asks, Why Do People Have to Die?
Laura Rocke Winn - Paperback Book

When the death of a friend's mother prompts Margie to wonder why a loving God allows death and pain, Aunt Trudy tells her the story of the great controversy.
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Margie Asks, Why Do People Have to Die? (Easy English edition)
Laura Rocke Winn - Paperback Book

This new easy-to-read version of the popular book, Margie Asks Why, will help young and old find answers to the question, Why do people have to die?
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My Bible Friends
Etta B. Degering - 5 Volume Hard Cover Set

Richly illustrated and beautifully written, these fine, hardcover books are definitely the premium set of Bible stories for younger children.

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Taught By A Tiger
Norma Youngberg - Paperback Book

When Toga's father, the village chief, invited the new teacher to live with his people, Toga and his friend Kiri began to learn about the one true God. Toga knew no one could teach Nee-pah to love the true God. But that was before Nee-pah was taught by a tiger.
Click to buy "Taught By A Tiger."

Nyla and the White Crocodile
Norma Youngberg - Paperback Book
The people started to believe in Poojee's God, but when Nyla fell into the raging river and disappeared, everyone feared the worst. Had the white crocodile eaten Nyla? Was Poojee's God stronger than Malik's curses and the evil spirits of the river?
Click to buy, "Nyla and the White Crocodile"

Jungle Heroes
Eric B. Hare - Paperback Book

Jungle Heroes is a collection of Eric B. Hares' favorite stories from the teeming jungles of Burma (known today as Myanmar) a land of tigers and elephants, riverboats and oxcarts, witch doctors and true heroes of the living God. Mystery and adventure leap from the pages of this classic book.
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Johnny's Pants and other stories from Uncle Arthur
Arthur S Maxwell - Audio CD Seven well-loved stories told by Uncle Arthur on one CD!
Uncle Steve grew up listening to these wonderful stories (but they were on vinyl record)!
Click to buy, "Johnny's Pants and other stories"

Guide Magazine Weekly Periodical Stories that point juniors to Jesus each week. This is the best kids magazine I've seen!
Click for more info (From Guide Magazine)...

More recommended books at our AStore.